What to Buy Your Dad for Christmas?

Shopping for me is easy.

Christmas Gift Ideas from 11,00O people polled on What to Buy Dad !"

Hi Y'all,

My name is Teal Bailey and I love to shop -- but sometimes shopping for my Dad for Christmas is really hard. When I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas, she smiles and hands me a list.

But -- when I ask my Dad what he wants for Christmas,

he shrugs and says, "I don't know.

I don't really need anything. I'm fine."

Which kind of makes me crazy!@!

                      But since my mom and dad own the two

                        rhinehart's Oyster Bars in Augusta


So mom had a contest for the more than 11,000 people on her email blast list - and they sent her hundreds of gift ideas which we will show you on this website.


Shopping for Dad is hard

What to Buy Dad?!?

My dad and mom Craig and Amy Bailey.

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