What to Buy Your Dad for Christmas?

It seems like every time I look at my dad he has a coffee mug in his hand.

Usually it's full of coffee, but sometimes he fills it with water, diet coke, nuts and bolts, fishing hooks, and even green wiggler fishing worms (yuck!).

I like to buy my dad a coffee mug for Christmas every year, because I know that when he holds it he will smile and maybe even think about me.

I've tried to find really cool, really personal, really fun, and a few really weird coffee mugs for you to click on to maybe buy for your dad. And every picture on this page links to a mug or a list of mugs.

And if you find a crazy cool different kind of mug, please email my mom at: poodle2382@gmail.com and tell us about it and maybe I can add it to my website.