What to Buy Your Dad for Christmas?

Great gifts for the gourmet cook in your life !!

My dad is a true gourmet and he is picky, picky, picky. 

Not only is he a restaurant owner, he went to hotel restaurant school at FSU. 

And although both he and and my mom have taught all us kids to cook - it's mostly been my dad. Because he's super patient and he wants to make sure we learn to do things exactly right.

On the other hand, I get kind of nervous when I'm making dad dinner, cuz everything has to be made just right with really fresh ingredients  -- and --  he always pauses a minute before he eats to check my plate presentation. 

But we really love my dad and love pampering him with lots of gourmet gadgets and stuff.

So here are some cool gift ideas if your dad is an super gourmet like mine.

Dad at one of his favorite

French Cafes in the Latin Quarter

My Sister Peach and Dad in Paris

Dad at Katz Deli in NYC