The Bailey Herd

Our family is the Bailey Family. My Uncle Beep Beep calls us "the Herd".

My mom and dad got married like 28-years-ago and had all seven of us kids. There are 3 girls and 4 boys. My oldest brother Campbell is 22 years-old and is married to Catie May Bailey. My baby brother Jake is 7-years-old. I'm number 6 and Jake's number 7.

We have lots of fun with Dad. He plays tennis with us, he takes us tubing, he teaches us how to fish, and he shows us how to shoot our 22 rifle. Dad loves playing games on the Wii with us, especially golf and tennis.

And Dad loves to unwrap gifts at Christmas!!!

And just for fun you can click on any of our pictures and it will send you to a list of gifts for dads and men.

We homeschool and building this website is part of my computer class.