What to Buy Your Dad for Christmas?

My dad is so into tennis that nobody is allowed to interrupt him while he's playing tennis and we all have to be super quiet while he's watching tennis on TV. Or else, we get into big trouble!!! 

He goes to all of mine and the other kids tennis tournaments and he took my big brother Lex to the US Open as a birthday present. 

But the funny thing about my dad is that although he always buys us kids tennis bags and clothes and towels and stuff; he never buys anything for himself. So whenever we buy him something for tennis, he really loves it.

If your dad is a tennis dad, then the things on this page are things he will really like and use. And just like the golfers, lots of tennis dads wanted cans of tennis balls.


3-Pack of Tennis Socks

from $11.95 to $17.99

Adidas Mens Visor for $18.00

Evaporative Cooling Bandana with Cooling Towel $5.99
Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad 
Cooling Towel for
‚Äč$10.99 to $17.99

Penn Tennis Balls (4 cans) for $18.99

Adidas Men's Tennis Shirt for $28.00

WILSON Federer 3 Racquet Bag $41.50

My Little Brother Jake

Me, After winning a 1st Place Trophy